Aesthetic Treatments’ PRICES and PROMOTIONS


Full Face Rejuvenation (Non-Surgical Full Face Lift) From CHF 2'400.-
to CHF 3'200.-
Wrinkles Of The Upper Face (BOTOX)  CHF 500.-
Temple Hollowing From CHF 500-
to CHF 1'000.-
Under-Eye Hollows And Peri-Orbital Rejuvenation From CHF 1'000.-
to CHF 1'500.-
Non-Surgical Nose Correction CHF 600.-
Lips Harmonization And Perioral Rejuvenation CHF 500.-
Nasolabial Folds CHF 500.-
Cheek Fillers From CHF 500.-
to CHF 1'000.-
Face Contouring From CHF 1'200.-
to CHF 1'600.-
Jawline Definition From CHF 1'200.-
to CHF 1'600.-
Skin Laxity (Sagging) Upon Evaluation
Eyelid Laxity (PlexR®) CHF 500.-/ Session

Treatments For Skin Quality & Rejuvenation

Skin Remodelling   
CHF 1'000.- /Zone
(Packages Available)
Skin Lifting and Volume Boosting     From CHF 600.- /Syringe
Large Pores Upon Evaluation
Scars (Acne) CHF 500.-
Pigmented Spots From CHF 300.-
Melasma Upon Evaluation
Redness and Blood Vessels (Rosacea) From CHF 500.-
Moles From CHF 300.-
Laser Warts From CHF 300.-


Upon Evaluation
Skin Laxity (Sagging) Upon Evaluation
Cellulite Upon Evaluation
Stretch Marks Upon Evaluation
Neck and Décolletage Upon Evaluation
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
CHF 2'000.-/ Session
(2-3 Sessions Required, 2 Months Apart)
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction by Freezing (CoolSculpting®) From CHF 600.-/ Zone
Leg Veins Removal From CHF 500.-
Hands Rejuvenation CHF 600.-
Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) CHF 600.-
Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening And Labia Reduction CHF 700.-/ Session
(3 Sessions Required)
Excessive Sweating
Excessive Sweating Under Arms CHF 700.-
Excessive Sweating Hands CHF 1'000.-
Excessive Sweating Feet CHF 1'000.-



Hair Loss Upon Evaluation
Dr CYJ Hair Filler® CHF 450.-/ Session
(Minimum of 4 Sessions Required)
PRP Injections 450.-/Session
(Minimum of 3 Sessions Required)
Nd-YAG Long-Term Laser Hair Removal  Upon Evaluation



Hyaluronic Acid From CHF 500.- / Syringe
Botulinum Toxin (Botox) 3 Zones
From CHF 500.-
From CHF 600.- /Syringe
Radiesse® From CHF 600.- / Syringe
Sculptra® From CHF 500.- / Syringe


Microneedling (DERMAPEN 4 + PRP) CHF 500.- / Session
Aquagold® CHF 400.-
Juvederm Volite® CHF 900.-
Profhilo®  CHF 450.-/ Session
(2 Sessions Required / 1 Month Apart)
Mesotherapy CHF 400.-
Skin Peels
Erbium-YAG Laser Peel
Fruit Acid Chemical Peel
Peeling TCA 15%
Peeling TCA 35%

CHF 600.- / Session
CHF 250.-/ Session
CHF 300.-
CHF 350.-
CHF 300.-

(for those peelings, packages are available)
(Packages Available)


Platinum Hydrafacial 'Complete Protocol' CHF 350.- (90 Minutes)
Pack of 5 Sessions CHF 1'500.-
(Instead of CHF 1'750.-)
Hydrafacial Delux CHF 250.- (60 Minutes)
Pack of 5 Sessions CHF 1'000.-
(Instead of CHF 1'250.-)
Hydrafacial Boost CHF 200.- (45 Minutes)
Pack of 5 Sessions CHF 750.-
(Instead of CHF 1'000.-)
Hydrafacial Back CHF 400.- (60 Minutes)
Pack of 5 Sessions CHF 1'500.-
(Instead of CHF 2'000.-)


Morpheus8 (Fractional Radiofrequency with Needles)
CHF 1'000.- /Zone (Packages Available)
BTL Exilis 360° CHF 250./ Zone
Ultra Femme 360° From CHF 700.-/ Session
(Minimum of 3 Sessions Required)
BTL X-Wave Ultrasound Upon Evaluation



Fotona 4D Laser Facelift
From CHF 800.-/ Session
(4 Sessions Required, 1 Month Apart / Packages Available)
Fotona 3D Laser Facelift
From CHF 600.-/ Session
(4 Sessions Required, 1 Month Apart / Packages Available)
Fotona Fraction Erbium-YAG From CHF 500.-/ Session
Smootheye® CHF 1'200.-
(4 sessions are required)
Anti-Snoring Laser CHF 500.-/ Session


Full Face CHF 5'000.-
Mid-Face and Jawline CHF 3'900.-
Mid-Face and Full Neck CHF 5'700.-
Full Neck CHF 3'200.-
Upper Face CHF 800.-
Decolletage CHF 1'200.-
Other Body Parts On Quotation

Facial Skincare Products & Protocols

Biologique Recherche
Personalised Remodeling Facial CHF 230.- (60 Minutes)
CHF 290.- (90 Minutes)
VIP Oxygenating Care O2

CHF 250.- (60 Minutes)
CHF 310.- (90 Minutes)

Intolerant Skin Care (Toleskin®)

CHF 250.- (60 Minutes) 

Second Skin Care CHF 350.- (60 Minutes)
CHF 450.- (90 Minutes)
Biologique Recherche Products Please contact us
Skinceuticals® Various Prices
ZO® Skin Health Various Prices


  • For the purchase of a package of 3 Coolsculpting areas,
    price is only CHF 500.- per area instead of CHF 600.-

Laser peel + Aquagold

  • Book 1 Laser peel treatment followed by an Aquagold treatment to intensify penetration of active ingredients and effects for only CHF 800.- instead of CHF 1’000.-

Laser Fotona 3D et 4D

Firming and lifting facial treatment combining Erbium-YAG and Nd-YAG lasers from Fotona.

  • For 4 Laser 4D treatments purchased, your pack of 4 sessions for only
    CHF 2’600.- instead of CHF 3’200.-
  • For 4 Laser 3D treatments purchased, your pack of 4 sessions for only
    CHF 1’900.- instead of CHF 2’400.-


  • Buy 2 sessions of PlexR for only CHF 450.- instead of CHF 500.- per session for the eyelid treatment + follow-up kit included (value CHF 30.-).

PlexR is a less invasive treatment than blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

It is recommended to perform 2 treatments per area for a complete result. A single treatment gives up to 30% improvement.

Commonly used for upper and lower eyelids, and the upper lip but can generally be used in other parts of the body that require skin tightening.


  • For a package of 3 Ultra Femme 360° treatments purchased, price is only CHF 1’800.- instead of CHF 2’100.-

Hair Filler

  • Hair treatment for only CHF 325.- instead of CHF 400.- for a package of 4 treatments purchased.

PRP for Hair

  • 400 CHF.- instead of 450 CHF per session by purchasing a package of 3 sessions.

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Useful Information:


1. What are the payment methods accepted?

You can pay either by card or cash. Unfortunately, we do not send invoices to your address and our aesthetic center does not accept credit.

2. Can I pay in instalments?

You cannot pay in instalments, but there are special rates, discounts and the option to combine treatments and save with our add-on prices.

3. Can I choose services that have not booked or registered in advance?

Before each treatment, you will receive a consultation from us (at CHF 150.-, deductable from the amount of your  treatment). In this conversation, you can discuss your needs and the aesthetic appearance you wish to achieve. You can, however, make requests for other services on the day of the treatment.

4. Are the prices of the aesthetic treatments fixed?

Aesthetic treatments prices may vary, depending on the severity of the symptoms and patient’s expectations.

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