Treatment is performed using a “pen” fitted with 18 microneedles, making microperforations in the epidermis and dermis, thus activating the healing process and collagen production; this leads to tighter skin and improved texture.

Dermapen4® is the most powerful and innovative microneedling technique, allowing the treatment of large pores and scars, thereby improving skin homogeneity and providing beautiful radiance:



The Benefits of Dermapen 4 Microneedling Treatment

Dermapen 4 Microneedling has multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved skin texture: Microneedling can help improve skin texture by inducing collagen and elastin production, which results in plumper, smoother, and firmer skin.
  • Reduced signs of aging: Collagen production plays a crucial role in maintaining skin’s youthful appearance by diminishing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Scar minimization: Microneedling helps reduce the appearance of acne, surgical, and other scars by helping break down the damaged tissue and promoting healthy tissue growth.
  • Reduced sun damage and hyperpigmentation: Microneedling is an effective skin treatment for reducing the appearance of dark spots, damage from sun exposure, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation by increasing skin cell turnover.
  • Decreased pore size: This treatment can help reduce open pores and pore size, resulting in smooth and fine skin texture.
  • Improved skin radiance: By promoting collagen and skin cell regeneration, microneedling can help improve your skin tone and give it a more radiant and youthful glow.
  • Minimal recovery time: microneedling typically requires no downtime, with most patients resuming their daily activities immediately after the procedure. This makes it a highly effective, non-invasive alternative to other procedures.
  • Safe and natural process: The process is generally safe for all skin types and tones. This makes it a safe and popular option for individuals seeking skin revitalization.

Why Choose Your Dermapen 4 Microneedling at the Aesthetic Clinic?

At Dr. Nasser Madi’s Aesthetic Clinic, we understand the importance of tailored and effective skincare treatments. Our Dermapen microneedling procedure stands out for several reasons:

Personalized Consultation: Before undergoing any skin treatment, we will start with an initial consultation, during which our expert aesthetic doctors will understand your unique needs, concerns, and goals. This initial consultation allows you to discuss your skin issues openly and helps our experts assess your medical history and potential risk factors, creating a personalized treatment plan.

Detailed Plan: Our skin specialist will create a detailed skin treatment plan for you. This will include the number of Dermapen microneedling sessions you will need, the right solution dosage, and pre-care and post-care instructions.

Quality Care: Our Dermapen microneedling is performed by highly trained and experienced professionals in a safe and controlled setting, ensuring a pain-free, comfortable, and positive experience.

Cutting-edge Technology: we use only the most advanced and sophisticated tools and equipment in our microneedling procedures. The Dermapen 4 is the most powerful and innovative microneedling technique in the market with huge potential to improve skin quality and health.

Safe and Transparent Communication: We encourage all our patients to share their concerns, expectations, and medical history during consultations. This transparent two-way communication lets us offer the best care possible and ensures your safety throughout treatment.


What does Dermapen 4 Microneedling do for your skin's anti-aging care?

Dermapen Microneedling is one of the most advanced and effective skin treatments that can combat various signs of aging, like skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. The treatment involves creating micro-perforations for deeper application of skincare products that help in collagen and elastin production. This results in anti-aging results, including pore tightening, skin plumping, and finer skin texture.

How long does the Dermapen 4 Microneedling treatment last?

The effects of a Dermapen microneedling treatment will remain for about six to eight weeks. During this time, your skin will continue to produce collagen and elastin, making it a long-lasting and natural process for your skincare concerns.

What not to do after a Dermapen 4 microneedling treatment?

For best results, we recommend following our aesthetic doctor’s after-care recommendations.

  • Avoid toners, scrubs, retinol or Retin-A products, hydroquinone (bleaching creams), or chemical exfoliants (AHA, BHA) for a few days after the treatment. This will prevent irritation and allow your skin to heal fully.
  • Be careful to use sunscreen for three months when going out in the sun. For prolonged results, make sunscreen a daily part of your skincare routine.
  • Do not participate in strenuous activities that result in sweating, which can inflame or irritate your skin directly after the microneedling session.
How many sessions of Dermapen 4 Microneedling are recommended?

We recommend three to four microneedling sessions spaced four weeks apart for long-lasting results. If you want to induce collagen production, we recommend at least three treatments. For scar reduction, you will likely need up to six treatments.

What is the Dermapen Microneedling technique and process in detail?

The Dermapen Microneedling technique involves various steps to help you achieve your dream of healthy, and rejuvenated skin.

  • Face Cleansing: Our aesthetician will first cleanse your face to remove sebum (make-up) residues, and other impurities. Starting with a clean face is crucial for preventing infection.
  • Numbing: we will then apply a topical anaesthetic cream to your skin to make the procedure painless.
  • Micro-perforations: We will then use the Dermapen 4 to create tiny punctures in your skin.
  • PRP Treatment: Once the Dermapen procedure has been completed, we will perform platelet-rich plasma treatment on your skin as well. This involves drawing a sample of the patient’s blood and extracting concentrated plasma from it. The platelets contain growth factors that can stimulate tissue regeneration and healing. The plasma is then applied on the skin to enhance the treatment outcome.

The entire microneedling procedure can last 20 minutes. After the procedure, you may experience a slight to moderate redness for 24-48 hours, which will resolve on its own.

Many patients see results after a single treatment. However, the exact outcome depends on your unique case. At the Aesthetic Clinic, Dr. Nasser Madi and Dr. Diana Cerutti will recommend the specific number of sessions you will need to take to enjoy healthy and rejuvenated skin fully.

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Dermapen 4 microneedling is a minimally invasive skincare treatment that uses very fine needles or micro-needles to create tiny punctures or micro-perforations in your skin. This allows skincare products like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and growth factors to seep deeply into the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside out.

How does microneedling with Dermapen 4 work on my skin?

This microneedling treatment protocol involves using a Dermapen 4 device equipped with 18 microneedles. Based on our personalized treatment type, these microneedles can rotate at different speeds and depths. The purpose of a Dermapen is to make tiny punctures or micro-perforations in the skin. This will trigger the skin’s natural healing process, allow skincare products to seep in deeply, and stimulate collagen production, giving your skin a healthy and youthful radiance.

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