Doctor Nasser MADI studied at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine. Dr Madi is an internist with 25 years of experience and 10 years of experience in non-invasive aesthetic medicine.

At the end of his medical studies, Dr Nasser MADI first specialized in internal medicine at the University Cantonal Hospital of Geneva where he worked until becoming clinical director at the Department of internal medicine.

He then worked as clinical director at Yverdon Hospital in northern Switzerland.
In 1995 he was appointed deputy head of the emergency department at the Clinique
de Carouge, where he developed a private practice until 2001 when he moved into his current medical practice in Champel.

Dr Madi then specialized in aesthetic medicine with a particular interest in facial
injections, particularly botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, and liposculpture.

Dr Madi is a faculty member at Allergan Medical Institute where he is a physician trainer; he lectures and teaches the art of facial injections.

He is also a member of AMS (Aesthetic Multispeciality Society) and ESLD (European Society for Laser and Energy
based Devices). He has developed his aesthetic practice since 2010, offering the full range of non- invasive aesthetic treatments.


Elsa is our specialist in aesthetic care, laser treatments and body contouring, having joined our team in 2017.

Elsa pursued a 2-year post-secondary Higher Technician Certificate (BTS) in Aesthetics and Cosmetics, as well as a university diploma (DU) in hydrotherapy. After 5 years of experience in various beauty centres, she naturally sought to join our center, where she found technical proficiency and expertise, to offer cutting-edge aesthetic medicine treatments.

Elsa has followed in-house and external training, particularly in Paris and Barcelona, and is able to meet the specific and exacting requirements of our dear customers.
Elsa is highly appreciated by our clientele for her warm welcome, her smile, her availability as well as her skill in performing laser treatments, body contouring and aesthetic facial treatments.

Elsa speaks French and English.


Sophie is our medical assistant, she trained in Geneva and graduated in 2009. Drawing on 10 years of experience at Dr Madi’s medical centre, she contributed to the development and diversification of our centre’s medical and aesthetic services.
Quite naturally, Sophie expanded her knowledge of aesthetic care, allowing her to advise you and answer your questions, in both medical and aesthetic fields.
Sophie is fascinated by aesthetic medicine, its technical aspect, the magic of the results achieved and the smiles on patients’ faces when they leave our centre.
Sophie is appreciated by our patients for her hospitality, her smile and her friendliness. She is noted for her knack for making blood tests virtually painless to the delight of our patients.

She knows our centre’s patients like the back of her hand, recognizing their voice over the phone as well as their preferences.

Sophie speaks French, English and Portuguese.