Mesotherapy Geneva


Mesotherapy is a medical treatment, known for a very long time, which involves injecting drugs or mixtures of medicines in the skin. It is used in medicine especially in rheumatic diseases and injuries in sportsmen (osteoarthritis, tendonitis, muscle tears.) For many years mesotherapy is also used, with increasing success, in aesthetic medicine.

These injections are performed by conventional injections (syringe and short mesotherapy needles) or by means of an automatic injector the U225, the method used in our center. This offers the advantage of being fast, painless, and does not cause any visible hematoma or mark after treatment.

The indications of mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine are many, the most frequent being:

  • hyperpigmentation (vitamin C and other effective mixtures against hyperpigmentation).
  • skin firmness
  • lipolysis
  • anti-aging
  • cellulite
  • shine of the skin

After examining your skin, a suitable treatment will be proposed to you and then administered in general over several sessions.