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Laser Fotona SP Dynamis Pro

Laser SP Dynamis Pro (Erbium-YAG & Nd-YAG Technologies)

What is Laser Fotona SP Dynamis Pro ?

The SP Dynamis Pro laser from Fotona is a state-of-the-art, innovative and high-performance laser using 2 complementary wavelengths:

  • Erbium-YAG (2940 nm wavelength with superficial penetration) which is used for superficial treatments such as laser peeling (see adjacent section) ; treatment of benign superficial lesions, scars and acne treatment (see adjacent section)
  • Nd-YAG (1064 nm deep penetration wavelength) which is used for liposculpture treatments (TightSculpting®) vascular treatments (see adjacent section) long-term hair removal and warts treatment.

Some therapeutic modalities, such as TightSculpting® or Skin tightening use the complementarity of both wavelengths.

The SP Dynamis Pro Laser SP offers many advantages over its competitors.

Very effective treatment, easy and fast, no pain and no downtime. It boast a wide range of technological innovations that increase the efficiency and comfort of treatment.

Long Term Hair Removal

The SP Dynamis Pro laser is the most effective laser on the market. It is distinguished by its ability to treat all skin types including black skin because the Nd-YAG penetrates deeply, itvtargets the hemoglobin presnet in th eblodd vessels surrounding the hair follicles, and by-passes the melanin in the skin. It can this be used to treat dark skin skin types without any side-effects.

It is fast because it offers the largest treatment surface on the market, very effective (results can be seen after the first session), and above all totally painless. Generally, 3 to 6 treatment sessions to obtain a long term hair removal

The energy of this high-precision infrared laser transmits the energy to a certain depth under the skin or it is transformed in the vessel into a pulse of heat that cauterizes the vessel in a targeted manner. Thus, we can treat varicosities (small varicose veins), hemangiomas, wine stains, stellar angiomas and rosacea (permanent redness of the cheeks).

Vascular treatments (visible veins)

The Nd-YAG laser of SP Dynamis pro, allows to obtain the ideal penetration to treat vascular imperfections such as telangiectasias, small veins and angiomas.

Benign skin lesions

Similarly the SP Dynamis Pro is the ideal laser to treat a wide range of benign skin lesions, pigmented or not. Its therefore possible to treat naevi (benign moles), or non pigmented such as seborrheic keratosis, skin tags, verrucae and xanthelasmas.

Acne and acne scar treatment

The SP Dynamis Pro laser can be used to treat both active acne and acne sequelae (scars). The treatment is very efficient.

Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic disease the course of which is modulated by various factors (environmental, stress, diet, hormones, etc.). The Nd-YAG laser is very useful in the treatment of different forms of rosacea thus reducing its symptoms and skin manifestations.

Fractional and non-fractional laser peeling

The Er-YAG Laser is the laser with the least skin penetration on the market.  It is therefore the best laser to perform superifical fractional (or non fractional) laser peels. By selecting the depth of the peel we may also choose the desired length of downtime (redness and peeling) with our patient.

NightLase® (snoring treatment)

This is a treatment performed with the Er-YAG laser, inside the oral cavity, especially in the palate. The treatment is painless and has no side effects.

Three 15-minute sessions over a 2-month period are required to obtain a good result.


This treatment, performed with the Er-YAG laser, aims to reduce lion wrinkles and firm the eyelids in case of excess skin. It is an alternative to surgery, especially in mild cases. The treatment is performed after the application of an anaesthetic cream.

Scar treatment

The Er-YAG laser is very effective for the treatment of many scars on the body. The sessions are short, with little or no pain. In general, several sessions are necessary to obtain a final result.

Treatment of leg veins

The Nd-YAG laser of SP Dynamis pro, provides the ideal penetration to treat vascular imperfections such as veins and small veins in the legs and thighs.

The procedure is fast and not very painful or painful.

Onychomycosis (nail mycosis)

This is an innovative and highly effective treatment for onychomycosis (mycosis that occurs in the toenails in particular). 4 treatments at one week intervals are necessary to obtain a good result.

This will only be visible after several months, depending on the growth rate of the nail.