CO2 fractional Laser Dr. Nasser Madi: AESTHETIC MEDICINE FMH SPECIALIST -

CO2 fractional Laser

CO2 fractional Laser

The fractional CO2 laser combines a long-known CO2 laser technology and the fractionation technique known since 2004 (the laser delivers a multitude of 165 micron dots, the spacing of which varies according to the type of treatment desired).

This allows the treatment of many skin problems with a much shorter recovery period (healing of the skin) than with older (unfractioned) CO2 lasers.

Fractional CO2 laser is used for skin rejuvenation, but can also be used to treat moles, resistant warts skin tags, fibromas as well as stretch marks.

What can be treated?

  • Skin rejuvenation (non-surgical facelift)
  • Superficial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Various scars (post-surgical, acne, etc …)
  • Stretch marks (white and pink)
  • Wide Pores
  • Dermal laxity
  • Warts of the hands and feet
  • Various benign lesions of the skin (fibroids, cysts, etc.)