PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma Dr. Nasser Madi: AESTHETIC MEDICINE FMH SPECIALIST -

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) consists of injecting your own plasma after separation, by centrifugation, of a sample of your own blood. This process makes it possible to separate the red and white globules on the one hand from your plasma and platelets; the latter contains growth factors and platelets in high concentration.

PRP is an autologous product (produced from your blood), so there is no risk, no allergies or rejection.

PRP contains various growth factors that will stimulate stem cells in the dermis to make collagen and elastin, which will help to treat certain skin problems.

Injections of PRP are completely painless and leave no haematomas or traces on your skin. They are made using the U225 automatic injector, will improve the tonicity and radiance of your skin by correcting imperfections such as pigmented spots, scars and wide pores.

Indications for treatment with PRP

  • Give a beautiful shine and increase the tonicity of the skin of your face neck or décolleté.
  • Reduce fine lines and treated wrinkled skin.
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Treatment of pigmented spots
  • Treatment of dark eye circles
  • Treatment of Acne Scars
  • Stretch Marks Treatment
  • Treatment of the back of the hands
  • Treatment of hair loss (alopecia)
  • Treatment of penis and large and small lips

U225 - Injecteur Intradermal de référence


Session process

A blood test is performed (it is not necessary to be fasting), and the PRP is prepared in 5 minutes. The injection is carried out using an automatic injector, which allows different injection rates, including micro-needling (425 injections per minute). The injections are totally painless. The session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the area being treated. A slight redness is possible after the session but disappears after one to two hours.

A favorable effect may already be observed after the first session, but we recommend 3 to 4 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks for optimal results. Treatment could be repeated after 6-12 months if necessary.

In some situations, the treatment of PRP can be combined with the fractionated CO2 laser in the same session. This makes it possible to combine the effect of the CO2 laser (peeling with the heat of the skin) with that of the PRP (restorative effect and stimulating the fibroblasts).