BTL Ultra femme 360

Wecare proud to announce that we are the first center in continental Europe to provide treatments with the BTL Ultra femme 360, an innovative and non-invasive technology, using radiofrequency, to achieve vaginal rejuvenation and a remodeling of the labia (reduction of the size of the labia). The heat provided by radiofrequency stimulates the production of collagen. This treatment tightens the tissues while reducing the diameter of the vaginal orifice and canal. It improves the sensations, the natural lubrication of the vagina, and the quality of the orgasm. It is also a very efficient in treating urinary stress incontinence, a frequent complaint in young women as well as older women following pregnancy.

  • Procedure and duration of the session: the treatment is performed by a female therapist, the patient is positionned on her back, a gel is applied but no anesthesia is necessary. The session lasts 8 minutes for the treatment of the vaginal canal and approximately 12 minutes, if necessary for the treatment of the vaginal introitus, the labia majora and the perineal area. We use an applicator adapted for the treatment of each zone.
  • Number of sessions: 3 to 4 treatment sessions are required, spaced 7 days apart. Patients may experience up to 50% improvement  after the first session, but significant results are obtained as early as week 4 after the end of the treatment cycle.
  • Possible side effects: Patients experience a pleasant feeling of warmth, but there is no pain. Redness and slight edema may be observed and disappear a few hours after treatment. There is no downtime. It is recommended to abstain from sex during the week following treatment.
  • Treatment maintenance: an annual maintenance session may be necessary.


Ultra femme 360
Ultra femme 360
BTL Ultra femme 360 Presentation


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